Studio Membership

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We offer access to our facilities for local artists working in printmaking and letterpress. Studio members must show proficiency in the processes they wish to use in the studio and go through an orientation with our studio manager. Joining our Associate Membership is a prerequisite to use our workshop space. We offer different levels of Studio Membership in order to help assure accessibility for students and working artists.

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independent artist           $100/month

Independent artists, trained in printmaking or letterpress, can print their own non-commercial art projects during business hours. If you are looking for short term access to our printmaking studio you can rent access one month at a time.


Cooperative member         $75/month

Cooperative members must make a 3-6 month commitment to the studio. These members must show proficiency in the processes they will be using. They have independent access to our facilities between 7am - 11pm. Six month membership contracts may be deferred for one month during the contract.

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Working member                $50/month

On a limited basis, Working Memberships are available to those who would make an additional commitment of 10-15 hours of their time, per month,  helping maintain and staff Red Onion Press.

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associate member             $45/year

While associate members do not have use of our studio and equipment they are very much part of our community. Associate members are individuals looking to support our efforts, who want to stay informed about our organization, or wish to participate in certain events, classes, or exhibitions. Artists at this level may offer hand made fine art prints for sale in our print display racks.