Membership has its benefits

The Studio: A place to expand your creative imagination…


Studio membership is $45 per year, $35 for students and seniors over 60.

The studio facilities are open to non-members and visiting artists who need printing press access, however there are considerable benefits to membership in the Red Onion Press. These include discounts for studio and equipment access, class tuition fees, exhibition opportunities in the gallery and group shows. Members who volunteer their time in various ways can also apply credit hours to studio usage fees.

Members who volunteer to help with printing, shop and gallery operations, office help or mentoring new artists or printmakers will be able to apply credit time of $10 per hour against usage fees and be able to reduce or even eliminate it altogether. Members can also have their work displayed in the print gallery at a reduced (30%) commission.

Member studio usage fees

  • $10 per hour

  • $50 per month

  • $125 per quarter

Non-member studio usage fees

  • $25 per hour

  • $100 per month

  • $250 per quarter

Our regular business hours are 10 - 4 Tuesday through Friday and 10 to 6 on Saturdays, except for holiday weekends. Additional hours can be arranged.

You don’t have to be an artist or printer to be a member

In our membership, we don’t make a distinction between artists and non-artists. Those members who simply join because they want to show support for our mission can make a significant contribution to the sustainability of the Red Onion and we welcome their involvement! Working a booth at an arts fest or craft fair, helping an instructor teach either in the studio or in a school classroom are wonderful ways to contribute. And if you want to try your hand at printmaking or book arts, we have a basic set of instructions for new people who want to learn and can get started.

The Red Onion studio is designed to offer a sharing and welcoming space for artists and students and anyone who wants to be part of our effort to be an educational resource to the community while providing working artist access to facilities and equipment. We offer access to our facilities for local artists to expand their skills and portfolios and exhibit their work.

Encouragement and support for all and from all who seek to advance their knowledge and experience in the printmaking world is how we serve our our community.